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Hand Turned Wooden Chess Pieces

A larger-than-life set that could sell for big dollars, depending on the woods you use.

Step 4: Glue the plugs in position, sand off flush and apply a moisture-resistant finish. Glue felt circles under the weighted bases.

As for boards, there are many types, readily-available from a variety of sources.  Practically everyone has a Chess/Checker board of some type. If not, they should have no difficulty finding one at retail, in a catalog or on the web.
Suggested retail price:  Depends on whether you’re planning to sell at flea markets or at “higher-class” (perhaps even juried) arts and crafts shows. Other determining factors include the fact that this set is a bit larger than a standard chess set…and, of course, the species of wood you use to make the pieces and how highly figured and beautiful they are when completed.  Taking these factors into consideration, we would estimate the potential retail for each set to be in the $200 to $350 neighborhood.



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